Frequently Answered Questions


Will masks be required during the 2021 season?

Masks will not be required, but they are still recommended for those who are not fully vaccinated.



Can I play in more than one league?

Yes, you may play in as many as leagues as you have the time and desire to play. We offer Coed 7v7 leagues that play twice a week Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays, a Women’s 7v7 league that plays Mondays/Wednesdays, all during the Spring, Summer, and Fall sessions. We also offer a Coed 11v11 (full-field) league that plays once a week on Tuesdays during the Spring and Summer sessions. However you can only play on one team per league.


I registered but can no longer play. Can I get a refund? (back to top)

All sales are final. AASA can not offer refunds for Annual Membership Fees. In general, AASA does not offer refunds for season registrations. However, season registration refund exceptions will be considered within two weeks of the start of a season. Exceptions are contingent on an active wait list, and any refund would be pro-rated for games remaining in the season.


Does it matter if I’ve never played soccer? (back to top)

No, we have a wide range of skill levels and playing experience in our leagues, from those who have never played before to those who have played competitive soccer for many years. This provides an ideal opportunity to learn and grow as a player regardless of your experience. Because everyone signs up for all of our leagues as individuals your skill level and playing experience doesn’t matter. Before the season begins the AASA board does it’s best to create balanced teams based on the information you provide in your registration.


Can I sign up an entire team? (back to top)

We currently do not allow signup as teams. Our focus as an organization is to provide a place where anyone can enjoy the game regardless of experience or skill level. Because of this all of our registrations are done individually and we seek to create balanced teams in each league to ensure a fun and competitive environment. For the 7 v. 7 league, we do our best to honor requests to play with a significant other or a friend but we can not guarantee this as our primary mission is to ensure balanced, competitive teams. For the 11 v. 11 league, groups of up to 5 players can request placement on the same team.



Where are the games played? How long are the games? (back to top)

Please refer to our Locations page for the addresses and maps to our fields. All games have two 45 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime. Games start at 6:30pm sharp Due to concerns for safety from inclement weather or lack of daylight, the AASA board may occasionally need to shorten the game length. Please see our Weather Policy page for more information.


Are there practices too? (back to top)

As a recreational league, AASA does not organize formal practices. On occasion teammates have been known to meet to help new players develop skills or simply for an extra ‘pick-up’ game.


I’ll miss a few games. Can my friend fill in for me? (back to top)

Due to our insurance agreements with the Michigan Soccer Association and the City of Ann Arbor, we are unable to allow anyone to play who is not registered and insured with the league, even if just filling in for a single game. Illegal players will cause the team to forfeit the game and repeat infractions will lead to further action by the board. In order to be insured, players must have a current annual membership with AASA ($25 as of 2017). Also see our Shirt Splitting page for information on how to share your registration with another player.


I can only play one day a week... Can I split my registration with a friend? (back to top)

Yes, you can! However, both of you must be registered AASA members. Check out our page on Shirt Splitting for all the details. If you "split a shirt," please note that ONLY ONE OF YOU MAY PLAY IN ANY GAME. If you are going to miss just a game or two, it is recommended that you inform your team so they can make efforts to be at the game if at all possible.


How old do I have to be to play? (back to top)

All AASA leagues are open to anyone age 18 or older. Players under 19 who wish to preserve their USSF youth eligibility should contact our secretary before registering.


Can my kids play too? (back to top)

Yes, although we do have a minimum age of 18 years for all players. We make every effort to allow family members to play together, and in fact we have a number of parents who play with their children on a regular basis.


I’ve registered, now what? (back to top)

Watch your e-mail. Once you’ve registered online and we have received payment you will receive an email confirming your spot in the league. You will also receive another email automatically when you are placed on a team and rosters are made active (usually a day or two before games begin). We'll communicate Opening Day information, including locations and kickoff times, via our website, social media and -- once again -- by email. Show up about 20 minutes early on the first day of the season to check in, receive your AASA shirt, and hear announcements (including your opening-day field assignment). After Opening Day, schedules will be visible on our website and via our mobile app.


Where do I go the first day of the season? Are there games? (back to top)

Yes, we play games on the first day of the season! You will want to arrive at Fuller fields (7v7 leagues) or at Olson Field (11v11) 20 to 30 minutes before game time to get your team assignment and receive your team shirt.


Why is there a wait list? (back to top)

League registration is on a first-come, first served basis and the number of player slots available is subject to registration volume and field availability. There are circumstances where we cancel existing registrations – in the event this happens, we will fill open slots from the wait list.


I’m on the wait list, now what? (back to top)

If a spot opens in our league, and you are placed on a team, you will be notified immediately by e-mail. Please arrive a few minutes early before the team's next scheduled game to pick up your shirt. At Fuller Park, visit our league office to find a member of our board to assist you. At Olson Park, locate the onsite league organizer for assistance (there's no office at Olson Park).


I thought the women's league got a discount? (back to top)

For the 2019 year, all new women's league players will receive a discount for their first season.  Women who sign up for 1 day will get $10 off their registration, women who sign up for Monday and Wednesday will get $20 off their registration.  Additionally - all women's league members (new and old) can get an early bird discount for signing up before the last week of registration: $5 off one day, $10 off 2 days.

Unfortunately, our system is a little picky and it doesn't know if you're new or not. So you have to email to get your new player discount.  The early bird discount is automatically applied based on the date your register.

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